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Mississippi Tea Party Endorses Phil Bryant

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 31 Oct 2011 06:49pm | comments
Roy Nicholson and Phil Bryant.

The Mississippi Tea Party is throwing its weight behind a gubernatorial candidate. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that Tea Party groups around the state have decided to support Republican Lt. Governor Phil Bryant.

"We are granting Phil Bryant, full right and title to claim to be America's first tea party governor!"

Mississippi Tea Party Chairman Roy Nicholson and tea party supporters made the announcement at the state capitol Monday,

Nicholson says Bryant is the best choice for conservative voters.

"Because he has proven himself to be a conservative, first off, whose principals that he fights for and stands for, are what will help Mississippi experience both prosperity and personal freedom. And he has shown the political courage that it takes to actually follow through on those commitments and those promises," Nicholson said.

Bryant accepted the endorsement and is quick to add it to the other groups around the state that are supporting him.

"This goes along with the Mississippi manufactures association, The National Federation of Independent Businessmen, The NRA, Mississippi Right to Life. So I think you see a pattern of endorsements by conservative, pro-business organization for this campaign," Bryant said.

Bryant is facing Democratic Hattiesburg Mayor Johnnie Dupree in the general election a week from today.

Dupree Campaign Manager Sam Hall does not think the endorsement means much to the campaign.

"Voters will look at what both candidates have been saying. And I think that matters more than what other groups or organizations say," Hall said.

Hall says Dupree will spending the final days of the campaign focusing on the mayor's record and advocating for improved education and access to health care for Mississippians.


Roy Nicholson and Phil Bryant.



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