2016 CIKI Ambassadors' Training

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After an intense recruitment process, Mississippi Public Broadcasting (MPB) launched its first Can I Kick It? Ambassadors' Training.  In an effort to increase Mississippi’s overall graduation rate, MPB is starting a new peer-to-peer initiative which is designed to offer a youth-led approach.  The Ambassador’s Council is a group of students across the state dedicated to ending Mississippi’s dropout crisis.  During the training, approximately 50 high school students from various schools participated in a leadership development workshop conducted by Marc Fomby (President- FTC Prevention Services), and James E. Lehaman, Jr. (Director of Theater and Arts- Jackson State University).  Potential council members were educated on the importance of teamwork, respect and determination.  Students received hands-on instructions designed to create strong leadership skills while promoting academic excellence.  In turn, students are required to create a strategic plan in their school that will aid in increasing their overall graduation rate.  

Benefits For Council Members

The Ambassador’s Council members will have an opportunity to create a youth media campaign, lead activities focused on dropout prevention, get professional training in leadership and character development, participate in college and career readiness programs, gain community service hours, access unique internship opportunities and learn from experts and leaders through training workshops and seminars.  


For more information about MPB’s dropout prevention efforts, visit mpbonline.org/education or contact Shantay Griffith at 601.432.6267 or shantay.griffith@mpbonline.org

Upcoming Event(s)

CIKI Ambassador’s Character Development Training

When: March 31, 2016

Where: Mississippi Public Broadcasting Auditorium 

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