A Teen Mom's Story

Posted by Amber White on

Although not the most convenient life choice, becoming a teen parent doesn’t have to end in tragedy.  One Mississippi teen proves this.  One teen mother (who wishes to remain anonymous) recalls being very upset when she found out she was pregnant at just 16 years old.  She remembers being terrified and knew that she wasn’t ready to become a mom!  After having her daughter, the teen knew she had to grow up quickly and with the help of her supportive family she parented the best way she knew how.  She decided that it was in the best interest of her daughter to work so she could provide for her and unfortunately had to leave high school.  However, she was determined to finish out her high school career and took night classes and eventually earned her GED.  Five years later, she has a happy, energetic daughter and has recently enrolled into a state university to obtain a college education and make a better life for her daughter and herself.  She ends her story by stating that she loves her daughter more than anything in the world and couldn’t imagine not being a mom.  She is determined to make the best out of an initial unwelcomed surprise and that has helped motivate her to persist and succeed throughout the past few years!

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