Acting for the Camera- Ms. LaShundra Thomas

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She first started her presentation off by teaching the students the main difference between stage and film acting.  Ms. Thomas then went on to explain the basic terms of cold reading, call backs, locations, ‘costumes’, etc. and how they apply to what the students will be doing this upcoming week.  Ms. Thomas then told the students about two auditions (one that ended with her not receiving the part due to a cold read (her weakness) in Houston and one that ended up with an prominent internship with New Stage Theatre) and how both instances she learned from which made her a better actress.  She also learned how to not let circumstances get to you and always be confident.  The last 30 minutes of the lecture the students got a chance to apply the information they learned and “auditioned” amongst themselves.

Ms. Thomas ended her presentation with a reminder of the following audition tips:

1.      Auditions began as soon as you walk in the door

2.      Never walk into your audition cold

3.      Arrive on time (actually 15 to 30 minutes earlier is better)

4.      Don’t be a showoff

5.      Never look directly at the casting directors

6.      Never talk to your casting directors in a side conversation unless they engage you

7.      Always plant yourself before talking

8.      Take a beat before you start your piece

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