Avoiding the Pressure

Posted by Amber White on

Dealing with peer pressure is no easy task.  Everyone wants to fit in, and no one wants to be left out.  Friends may be getting into activities your teen is just not ready for or knows will lead them down the wrong path.  Plus it’s not as easy to say no when the person who’s pressuring them just might be them.  It’s enough to make their heads spin! No wonder it’s so easy to fall into the wrong crowd of friends.  Your Life Counts.Org has a few tips that will help teens find it easier to avoid peer pressure:

  • Practice saying no.
  • Say “no” like you mean it.
  • Back-up a no with a positive statement.
  • Be repetitive.
  • Get away from the pressure zone.
  • Avoid the stressful situations in the first place.
  • Use the buddy system.
  • Confront the leader of the pack.
  • Consider the results of giving in.
  • Look for positive role models.
  • DON’T buy the line that everyone’s doing it.
  • Seek support.
  • Speak Out!
  • Evaluate your friendships.
  • Find new friends!

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