Boys and Girls Clubs of Mississippi

Posted by Amber White on


What is a good alternative for students who no longer have extracurricular activities due to their budget cuts?  One of the most recognized and helpful organizations available for Mississippi residents is the Boys and Girls Clubs of Mississippi.  At the club, students can receive the same educational stimuli that they receive in school as well as an introduction into various other educational outlets.  The core areas of the Boys and Girls Club consist of Education and Career, The Arts, Character and Leadership, Health and Life Skills, and Sports, Fitness, and Recreation.  Programs include (but are not limited to):  academic enrichment, literacy remediation, tutoring and homework help, computer labs with internet access, recreation such as basketball and other play, arts and crafts, ceramic centers, and more.  The club also offers other ‘life’ programs dealing with substance abuse, money management, job readiness and career preparation, teenage pregnancy, conflict resolution, and more.  With this large variety of programs, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Mississippi hope to make the most of their participants’ childhood experiences by enabling them to “ learn powerful life skills and introduce them to new experiences” all while providing a fun, safe outlet for kids in need. 

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