Extracurricular Activities in the School System

Posted by Amber White on


Unfortunately, budget cuts throughout the school systems in America have become a very real issue that most inner city schools have to face today.  While it’s not solely the systems’ fault, its dismissal of such classes and personnel have proven harmful to students.  What may seem like a frivolous use of tax payers’ money, could mean a world of difference to a child yearning for an escape from their daily struggles.  And although these students may not always show physical signs of their distress (many learning from an early age to mask their pain), this expulsion really affects them at a much deeper level than most of us truly understand.  Extracurricular activities, like art and dance classes, mean a great deal to the students in these schools.  Watch the clip above of one student’s explanation of how much the arts means to her education in Broken.

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