Community's Role in School Dropouts

Posted by Amber White on

Community can also play a significant role in the number of dropouts the school system faces.  According to, some kids may come from “the wrong side of the tracks” where education is hardly ever valued.  The American Psychological Association website states that these type places tend to harbor drugs, gangs, and violence along with other inconveniences such as high levels of unemployment, family instability, poverty, and welfare reliance which seem to run rampant in these areas.  These communities don’t have a sense of community when it comes to health support and the ideas of helping one another succeed.  These communities have a lack of resources such as playgrounds and after-school programs that would positively influence adolescent development but provide plenty of negative peer influence.  For instance, students who dwell in underprivileged communities tend to have dropouts as friends which usually increases their chance of dropping out of school since this seems like the ‘norm’.  

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