Dak Prescott, An American Graduate Champion

Posted by Ashley Jefcoat on
Dak Prescott is an American Graduate Champion.

Dak Prescott, quarterback for the Mississippi State Bulldogs, loves football, but getting his education and having a plan for the future is his biggest goal. While he worked hard in high school on the football team, he knew that football wasn't the most important part of school.

"My biggest goal was to make sure I graduated," said Prescott when we talked to him. "What happened with football would happen but make sure I got that education. That's one thing my mom wanted me to do."

With support from his family and hard work, he did graduate from high school.

"When I walked across that stage it was one of the most accomplished moments of my life," he remembered. 

While he was picked up by Mississippi State University, and has gone on to have an incredibly successful career in college football, he knows that his education and getting a degree is the ultimate end goal. Because of his devotion to school, Dak Prescott is an American Graduate Champion.

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