Grants for Primary and Secondary School

Posted by Amber White on

Think grants are just for college students?  Think again! also states that there are grants and scholarships available for children attending private school at high school (secondary) and even elementary (primary) educational levels. 

Although these grants are a little more difficult to find, the search is worth the effort if it cuts the cost of a child’s schooling. 

The best approach would be to talk to a financial aid administrator at the school you are applying to or your state’s Department of Education.  They can steer parents in the right direction of the school’s and various other foundation and government programs and opportunities. 

If you really want your child to go to these schools, grant money is there!  Chances are if you are considered ‘truly wealthy enough’ by these institutions, your social class wouldn’t be searching for grants any way.  The key to getting the best grants would be by submitting your FAFSA early.

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