Helpful ACT Test Taking Tips

Posted by Amber White on

Although there is no magical study guide that students can obtain to make a perfect score on the ACT test, there are a few available options out there designed to help you better prepare yourself and make higher scores.  Since colleges base a majority of their college entrance and scholarship decisions on these scores, it might be helpful for high school students to look into a few of these options.  First, the best and easiest way to get sample questions of the test and a feel of how the test will be would be to sign up for the official ACT Online  Prep program or obtain a copy of the ACT Practice book.  Although a small fee is required, results have proved that this investment is worth it.  This online course and practice book contains practice tests with real ACT questions, practice essays, comprehensive content review, and a study path, plus access anywhere, anytime online (online course).  Second, make sure you actually practice!  Having the practice tests and help readily available to you does you no good if you don’t open the books. suggests that you make sure to practice reading choices carefully, avoid random guessing in multiple choice sections, and eliminating deliberately deceptive questions.  Last, relax before the night of the exam.  This is one test you cannot cram for!  You are being tested on information you were supposed to have learned over the course of your education (or the past few months if you’ve been doing ACT prep).  This would be the time to do a fun activity to take your mind off the test but remember to go to bed at a decent hour and eat a healthy, fulfilling breakfast the next morning.  Happy Testing!

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