Helpful Final Study Tips

Posted by Amber White on

With finals fast approaching (even being weeks away they will be here before you know it), there are a few ways to help ensure that good grades are the end results of these infamous exams.   

First, please try and start studying now.  Even if it’s just for a few minutes each night, starting early helps reduce stress and feelings of hopelessness (plus you’ll be able to see a big difference later on). states that, “It takes a lot of repetition and practice to actually retain information given to you in class by your teacher but it can be done in small doses.” 

Second, why not come up with a song or game to help remember your notes.  Have a song that’s stuck in your head? Why not come up with a song/rap involving class notes? also mentions that, “If you don’t have rhythm, try playing a made up game!  For example, play a game using a basketball (premise: grab a partner and take turns asking a question and shoot a basket when you get the question correct; the one with the most points wins)!  As long as you keep yourself interested with whatever you choose, you will be in great shape! 

Last tip for today, approach your teacher with any questions or concerns you have.  Don’t be afraid of your teacher; get into the habit of seeking help and guidance from them because these will be the skills you will need for college plus they usually make the exam.  They’re there to help so go ahead and pick their brain!  Study these tips, and you’re sure to have a better finals’ experience.

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