High School Advisories

Posted by Amber White on

Another strategy a school can implement in order to prevent high school dropouts would be the formation of advisories.  What are advisories?  Well according to Edutopia.org, they are “small groups of students that come together with a faculty member to create an in-school family of sorts.”  With these advisories, high school students could meet during the day and forge supporting relationships that would help in stopping this drop out crisis.  The most effective advisories would meet on a regular basis that span over the course of several years (ideally starting in 9th grade and going through 12th grade).  Faculty members who are a part of these advisories would partake in “staff development that would assist teachers to support the academic, social, and emotional requirements of their students.”  This way students could have “at least one adult in their school life who are familiar with them well, to form a community by crafting stronger bonds across social groups, to impart important life skills, and to launch a forum for academic advisement and college and career coaching.”  Not to mention, the friendships the students can create with each other that would add another barrier that will prevent them from dropping out of school for fear of disappointing their peers.

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