Meet the Students- Raha Iko Maxwell

Posted by Amber White on

Mr. Raha Iko Maxwell, 14, and a soon to be freshman at Murrah High School, is at first year attendee of MPB’s American Graduate Youth Media Summer Institute.  Raha first heard about the program from his mother who convinced him to participate. 

It wasn’t a hard sell for Raha since he believes he wants to work in the film industry one day.  He would like to do everything from acting to working behind the scenes and would like to utilize his skills as a rapper and poet in the process. 

While attending the institute, Raha has been a co-director, actor, and cinematographer.  What Raha likes the most about his time here at the institute is people coming together and making a decision that has a positive impact on the community.  He also likes meeting new people who are like him--smart and interested in film making.  After the institute, Raha plans to take advance art and film related classes in school.  

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