Mississippi Virtual Community College

Posted by Amber White on

Now that high school students are near graduating and have filled out their financial aid requests, they have either picked a college or university to attend or they are still in the process of looking.  The reality of this is that some students have put off the inevitable decision of putting off a post-secondary school because they don’t feel ready to leave the nest yet.  While some students can’t wait to obtain their independence at a university, some might feel overwhelmed leaving home.

 What is a great option for these students not to have to go away to school or have to commute every day? Mississippi Virtual Community College is the answer.  According to their website, Mississippi Virtual Community College or MSVCC is “a consortium of Mississippi’s 15 community colleges that make it possible for these colleges to leverage their distance learning resources—including faculty, course, support services, and technology.” 

 What this means is that students from all over the state of Mississippi can take courses from any community college in the state online and can get support services from their local community college easily! 

In order to take classes from a remote college, all the student would have to do is enroll at a host community college. The host college gives the student support (in the form of advisement and counseling), financial aid, and learning resources.  The remote college delivers the course lessons. 

The community colleges that are a part of this group are Coahoma, Copiah-Lincoln, East Central, Hinds, Holmes, Itawamba, Jones County Junior, Meridian Mississippi Delta, Mississippi Gulf Coast, MSVCC-University Students (JSU & USM), Northwest Mississippi, Pearl River, and Southwest Mississippi community colleges.  Utilizing MSVCC would allow students to get a feel of college and the ability to leave home at a later date when they are ready.

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