MPB American Graduate- I am. I can. I will.

Posted by Amber White on

A select few high school students were chosen after an audition process to convene at MPB on March 24th to shoot their “I am. I can. I will.” segments as a part of Mississippi’s American Graduate program.  These students came from varying schools around the state to help promote and explain why completing their education by graduating high school is so important to them.  Mr. Kobee Vance, 18, from Northwest Rankin High School states, “Graduating from high school is very important because it is a big stepping stone for me.  It is the first step into going into a solid career, and I will be able to use the stuff I’ve learned to apply to my future career.”  The promotional spots today will be featured on the Mississippi Public Broadcasting American Graduate website in the hopes that such positive influence will foster a continued love of learning and a higher completion rate in our school systems.  When asked why he decided to participate in the “I am. I can. I will.” initiative, Justin Bell, 14, from Murrah High School says, “I heard about the filming through my debate team and New Stage Theatre.  They expressed the need for exceptional kids in order to share a positive message.  I realized that these promos could impact students by giving them a repetitive message of achieving a common goal by being able to overcome different obstacles.  So that’s why I decided to do it!”

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