Parents- Planning for College

Posted by Amber White on

Wonder what you as a parent can do early on to help your student obtain their high school diploma and have the funds to pay for post-secondary school later on in life?  Consider saving now to help your children in the future. 

One way to start saving now is to join the Mississippi Affordable College Savings Program.  According to their website, Mississippi Affordable College Savings (MACS) Program can assist parents “put their child’s education within reach.”  MACS believes that if you start early, contribute regularly, and ask for help, MACS can guide parents to help them save enough to pay for the costs of higher education.  And with good planning, funding a college education can be more attainable than you think. 

At their website, parents can learn how much they need to start saving, can set their goals and start the actual saving, can sign up for automatic contributions, and/or ask for assistance with whatever they might need.

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