Post Production- Mr. Don Warren

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Mr. Don Warren, a giant in the local film industry market, stopped by MPB’s American Graduate Youth Media Summer Institute to talk about his film making career.  Mr. Warren is no stranger to MPB working on projects such as Between the Lions and various other TV shows in the MPB’s studio. 

 Mr. Warren says, “At age 13, I picked up a camera and was astounded by the reactions from people.  From there, I went from pictures to movies…film making opened up a whole new world for me!”  Mr. Warren graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in ’78 and worked in the film industry for a bit before taking a job as a resident film maker at the Russell C. Davis planetarium. 

From there he has worked on numerous films, documentaries, commercials, etc.   Mr. Warren states that one of the best benefits of his job is he gets to meet a lot of people.  Don hopes to inspire the kids to follow their dreams and explained to them how the American Graduate Youth Media Summer Institute is a great place to start if the kids are interested in the film industry.  “This camp allows for you all to get an advantage over other students who don’t get this type of exposure,” states Mr. Warren. 

After showing the students a few samples of his works, he left the kids with a few keys to success in working in the film industry:

  • Show up for work early! Being on time is being late.
  • Do what you’re told to do and do it now.
  • Don’t cause problems, solve them!
  • A smile can go a long way.
  • You can earn trust when you do the right thing!
  • Focus on why you can do something even if someone tells you you can’t!
  • Be excited about what you’re doing!
  • Understand your purpose.  There is a reason you love doing what you do!

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