Reasons Why Students Drop Out

Posted by Amber White on

Why do students drop out of high school? Research has shown there are multiple reasons why this trend is continuing to take place in the US.  According to the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network website, there are three categories known as the “push”, “pull”, and  “falling out” factors that teens who dropout fall under.  Each of these factors corresponds with a cause of dropout.  For example, students are considered to be “pushed” out of the school system for reasons such as: missing too many days of school, getting poor grades/failing school, not being able to keep up with their school work, not getting along with teachers, being expelled/suspended from school, not feeling safe in the school setting, etc.  Likewise, a student could be “pulled” from completing high school due to: thinking it would be easier to get a GED, getting pregnant (or becoming either a mother/father of a baby), having to support a family, planning to get married/already married, getting a job and not being able to work at the same time, etc.  A student may “fall out” of school if they do not enjoy school, don’t feel as if they belong there, or has changed a school and did not like the new one.  With these factors in mind, optimistically a plan of action can be made to halt the dropping out of school process of these students.

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