Rise Up

Posted by Amber White on

Starting college can be both an exciting and stressful next step in life.  With terms like financial aid and standardized testing being thrown around, it is no wonder that both students and parents start to feel a bit overwhelmed.  Luckily, Mississippi parents and students have a valuable resource tool to help them navigate all of the confusion in the form of the website Riseupms.com.  According to Riseupms.com, Rise Up is a website specifically dedicated to helping Mississippi students receive all the information needed to make the transition into post-secondary education or vocational careers an easy and smooth one.  The website provides information for both students and parents.  Students can find information such as a road map to college (when to register, quizzes, school and major selection, etc.), college tools (college profiles, calendars, comparisons, etc.), financial and state aid, college planning, college checklists, and information for students as early as middle school.  Parents can benefit by learning how to save for college and different financial aid options, help kids apply for college and become familiar with the application process, and provide encouragement for their kids by talking about potential careers and helping set up college visits. Getting a head start reviewing this information will help students become a few steps ahead of all the other applicants vying for spots at their top schools and careers. 

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