Risky Business

Posted by Amber White on

So why is taking drugs such a big deal?  From a medical stand point, participating in drug abuse allows for that individual to become dependent or addicted to that substance.  According to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, it is said that 75 percent of individuals who do drugs will become an addict.  What causes individuals to become addicts?  PaloAltoMedical Foundation.org states that there are chemicals in one’s brain that allows a person to feel emotions such as happiness, pain, anger, depression, etc.  The drugs that are put into the body usually contain a chemical that causes a feeling of extreme happiness.  And the more that person inputs into their body the more the brain takes in the “happy chemical” and starts to produce less of it for the body.  The individual then becomes dependent on the drug to feel happy because without it they feel no joy.  The body craves more to attain the feeling and after a while your body becomes ‘use’ to the feeling and the drug does nothing for you.  A person has to eventually seek out harder, more dangerous drugs like crystal meth or cocaine in order to get that next fix.  The chemical process then becomes in control and along with health issues, the body can no longer set its own limits, become aware of its own environment, or  even realize it’s in danger.  Does this really sound like a worthwhile risk to take?

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