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It is common knowledge that college is expensive.  Choosing which school to attend might have been the easy part, but now comes the hard part…. paying

Fortunately, there are institutions in our state (whether from school or outside organizations) that want to help students achieve their academic dream by assisting in paying for school.  Usually this type of aid comes in the form of what is known as scholarships. 

What are scholarships?  Think of them as free money for students for school.  Scholarships are defined as payments made to support students’ education; they are usually awarded based on academic achievement (but can be awarded for various other reasons such as extracurricular activities). 

How do you find these scholarships? One way would be to check with your potential (chosen) school and see what scholarship packets they offer for incoming freshman.  These scholarships tend to be the highest paying for students so make sure to check thoroughly. 

Another way to find scholarships would be to search the web.  Although the search can be a bit tedious, websites like Mississippi’s own,, and (to name a few) are smart, safe options that produce the greatest results.

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