Scriptwriting and Storyboarding

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Day two of MPB’s American Graduate Youth Media Summer Institute kicked off with the students learning about scriptwriting and storyboarding and the role it plays in film-making. defines a storyboard as “a panel or panels on which a sequence of sketches depict the significant changes of action and scene in a planned film, as for a movie, television show, or advertisement.” 

Students broke out into four separate groups with a mentor in the field of production and came up with a short film concept and started producing a script.  Soon after guest speaker Mr. Clarence Robson, Lead Broadcast Technician at MPB, taught the groups all about storyboarding and its critical use in helping move the filming process along smoothly. 

The studentswill spend the next few days polishing their storyboarding skills and revising their scripts in order to start filming this week!

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