Social Media and High School Dropout

Posted by Amber White on

Social media can influence high school dropout rates because just about anyone is able to post on any site.  For example, according to, a fairly famous celebrity tweeted out that “If more students dropped out of high school then we would have a much more intelligent society!”  This celebrity has numerous impressionable followers.  Without really thinking of the ramifications of tweeting something like that out, the celebrity was explaining how his instance of dropping out benefited him in the long run.  Now if his followers were very impressionable  (say high school students) individuals that worshiped him, he would be adding to the problem of declining graduation rates due to his convincing that his rare situation would be beneficial to them all.  The celebrity being the role model that he is would have found a way to reach millions of followers in the time it took to send out that tweet and cause harm to the years of hard work that has gone into keeping/getting these students to stay in school.

Fortunately, many of the followers on that celebrity’s Twitter list who were once past dropouts did not agree with the star’s philosophy.  These people do not believe that dropping out of school would be the best option; most of these followers having gone back to high school, gotten their GED, or received a higher level education since initially leaving school themselves.  In fact, a number of celebrities who left school in search of fame eventually returned back to school in order to obtain high school diplomas and college degrees contrary to popular beliefs!  This just goes to show that people should take what they read on social media about important topics such as education with a grain of salt.

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