Staying Informed

Posted by Amber White on

Not all teens feel comfortable consulting a parent or adult when it comes to sex.  Embarrassment causes teens to not ask questions or get the information they need from reliable sources.  They tend to rely on the inaccurate tidbits of information from friends and classmates which ultimately leads them down the wrong path and right into the throws of teen pregnancy.  So what are good websites that teens can visit anonymously to learn factual information on abstinence, birth control, and other sex related information? and are two such websites.  Both sites aim to inform teens about accurate information while discrediting myths and other stories they may hear in schools or through friends.  Geared with teens in mind, the sites’ range in topics from relationships and waiting to birth control and teen pregnancy help educate these kids and guide them to make the best choices for themselves and their bodies.  Through these sites, they hope for a drop in teen pregnancy and STDs while allowing teens to just stay teens.

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