Substance vs. School

Posted by Amber White on

Youth drug and alcohol consumption has proven over the years to have a direct correlation with academic failure and school dropout.  According to, around 20 % of all high school students drop out of high school (that number being close to 50% or higher in some urban areas).  That being said, the real tragedy of alcohol and substance abuse is one of the most easily recognizable and most preventable causes of high school drop outs.  Youths who participate in substance abuse in high school are said to be more likely at risk for long term hardship in areas such as poor health, unemployment, and crime.  Drug prevention programs have been called into action by both parents and the school system.  Although a few are out there, new programs are needed in order to deliver better results and really drive the message home.  The answer is simple, if we reduce the teenager’s use of these harmful substances, there will be a reduction in the country’s dropout crisis.  If we can get this number under control, our state along with our nation can “improve our country’s competitive position in the global economy all while saving and improving the lives of our youth!”

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