The Encampment

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On July 13th a group of students from The Encampment for Citizenship attended the 1st day of MPB’s American Graduate Youth Media Summer Institute.  High school student members of The Encampment in partnership with WGBY (a Massachusetts’ public television station based out of Springfield) journeyed from all over the U.S. to Mississippi to learn about our state’s rich history and culture. 

According to, the Encampment for Citizenship or EFC is “a non-profit organization that conducts residential summer programs for young people of widely diverse backgrounds or nations.  It provides youth with compelling experiences in democratic living and allows young people to become more informed and sensitive about key issues of our time and committed to active citizenship and involvement in their community as justice seekers.” 

While visiting MPB, The Encampment in collaboration with the Youth Media Summer Institute talked about issues that affected minorities in today’s society.  Members of the two groups spoke out about the issues that plague their communities (ranging from education to politics) and possible solutions in how they can overcome racial barriers.

  Students from Native American, African American, and Hispanic backgrounds each told personal stories of their own struggles and how they’ve worked hard to overcome them all.  This enriching experience allowed for the institute participants to learn from each other and realize they’re not so different at all!

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