We're All In This Together

Posted by Amber White on


Sometimes the reasons why students drop out of high school don’t stem from outside resources.  The main influencer can be the classroom itself.  Students sometimes don’t receive enough encouragement (some often incur shame) from a particular teacher and/or other classmates.  They are made to feel that they are not smart enough or aren’t responsible enough to be capable of learning different (possibly difficult) material or finishing classwork.  These students are counted out long before they have the chance to prove themselves.  With no one in their immediate surroundings to talk to or express their grievances, it’s no wonder why that student decides to drop out of their hostile environment.  Watch We’re All In This Together above to see what happened to one student who faced ridicule in school early on and how with the help of a few dedicated teachers and friends her outlook on school and dropping out changed for the better.

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