Yours, Not Mine

Posted by Amber White on


One way a person can have their childhood stolen from them is by becoming a teen parent.  In the blink of an eye, a teen can easily go from only worrying about small things like school, family, and friends to all of a sudden having to put their selfishness aside in order to bring life into this world.  A child raising a child is no small feat!  In addition to the new addition, loneliness seems to set in for the new mother.  The friends she once had may decide to walk out of the picture.  The baby’s father, in most instances, chooses denial and shame towards the mother figuring fleeing is the best option because a baby is too hard and would ruin his life.  How will the new mother even provide for this child?  Will she work? Is she strong enough to give the child up for adoption in the hopes for a better life for it?  With these adjustments, questions, and options weighing down on the mother’s shoulders, school gets pushed to the back burner because it’s just too hard and doesn’t seem to matter as much.  Stress sets in and one way out is out of the classroom.  Watch Yours, Not Mine to see how one student is determined not to let the plight of other teenage moms become her destiny!

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