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Listen to The Gestalt Gardener Friday mornings at 9 and Saturday mornings at 10 on MPB Think Radio. Each week, horticulturalist Felder Rushing shares stories, answers questions and just talks gardening. Of course, you’ll hear a bit of “cheesy music” in every program and you might hear a bad joke or two as well. The Gestalt Gardener is a long-time favorite on MPB Think Radio, due in no small part to Felder’s laid-back, your-neighbors-might-talk-but-so-what approach to gardening. Email Felder anytime at and listen Friday mornings at 9 and Saturday mornings at 10 to The Gestalt Gardener on MPB Think Radio. And in the meantime, as Felder says, get out and get dirty.

  • Magic Foo-Foo Dust image
    Excerpt (54:44) | Air date 04/11/14
    It's a special Spring Drive Time edition of the Gestalt Gardener.
  • Time to Plant  image
    Excerpt (53:50) | Air date 04/04/14
    April has arrived and it's time to ready your garden for planting.
  • Open Call image
    Excerpt (53:54) | Air date 03/28/14
    It's a true garden party as Felder opens up the phone lines for the entire show!
  • Full Bloom image
    Excerpt (53:55) | Air date 03/21/14
    Spring is bursting out and in full bloom. Get tips to update your garden for the season.
  • St. Patrick's Day  image
    Excerpt (51:12) | Air date 03/14/14
    Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the Gestalt Gardner
  • Spring Is In the Air image
    Excerpt (53:55) | Air date 03/07/14
    Spring forward with gardening ideas from Felder and a special guest.
  • Garden Party image
    Excerpt (53:40) | Air date 02/28/14
    Felder answers all your garden questions and gives tips on what to do in your garden this weekend.
  • Plants with Benefits image
    Excerpt (53:56) | Air date 02/14/14
    Love is in the air on this special Valentine's Day episode of the Gestalt Gardener.
  • Groundhog Day Whoop-dee-doo! image
    Excerpt (53:43) | Air date 01/31/14
    Groundhog's Day is around the corner.
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