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Everyday Tech: Back 2 School Tech

Posted by Michelle McAdoo on

It’s almost time for the school buses to hit the road again and that means back to school shopping. So today we’ll talk about the latest trends in tech for your student. From book bags to laptops plus and those dorm more essentials. All that and more on this episode of Everyday Tech.

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Fix It 101: Summer Fixes

Posted by Java Chatman on

The handyman hangout is full of timely advice as we approach the end of summer. Jason, Del, and Jeff answer questions about mold, load-bearing walls, and if a spiral staircase is a good idea. Also, the question of flat head vs Philips makes its way into the conversation.

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Mississippi Edition: Tuesday, July 31st

Last Updated by MPB News on

On today's show: A new statewide effort for saving families and keeping children out of foster care. Then, Will more Mississippi mom's breastfeed now that it's publicly protected by law? Plus, find out how new rules in public housing could protect residents from secondhand smoke exposure. And a conversation with civil rights icon, James Meredith.

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In Legal Terms: NMRLS

Last Updated by Liz Gill on

Guest were from North Mississippi Rural Legal Services and discussed the free, civil legal services and representation that they provide.

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Money Talks: Lyft

Last Updated by Liz Gill on

Communications Manager for the ride hailing company Lyft was our guest on Money Talks.

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Southern Remedy Healthy & Fit | July 30, 2018

Posted by Jay White on

Josie talks about wellness today. And takes insightful calls from listeners from all over on mindfulness and being worry and anxiety free.

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Hear from Mississippi Book Festival’s Holly Lange on Conversations August 5 on MPB Television

Last Updated by Shanderia Posey on

Holly Lange, executive director of the Mississippi Book Festival, describes herself as organized, disciplined and always on time. Those are precisely the characteristics needed to ensure the state’s largest literary event goes off without a hitch from year to year.

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Mississippi Edition: Monday, July 30th

Posted by MPB News on

On today's show: Find out why Mississippi doctors say people who get vaccinated are less likely to contract hepatitis. Then after Everyday Tech, the first African American to attend the University of Mississippi will be inducted into the University's Hall of Fame. And, we'll hear about a southern artist known best for his notable blue dog series.

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Deep South Dining: Family Time

Last Updated by Java Chatman on

July is ending and the new school year is almost here. Its the time of year when meal prep and healthy portions for the family meals are key. On today's episode, guest host Java Chatman and Deborah Hunter chat about family meals and keeping the kids fueled for success.

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Grassroots Playlist

Posted by Bill Ellison on

Grassroots playlist for Saturday, July 28, 2018. Featured were Alison Krauss, The Clancy Brothers, Aubrey Haynie, Priscilla Herdman, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver and others.

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