Albert Wilson (D)
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"Albert Wilson is a Democratic candidate for Mississippi Governor. Wilson is a businessman and community organizer who believes in justice, inclusion, fairness, peace, and equality for all.  Mr. Wilson is a humble leader of Genesis and Light Community Center and works with ten staff members, twelve AmeriCorps VISTA Associates and hundreds of volunteers. The organization's purpose is to improve the quality of life of economically disadvantaged families, senior citizens, veterans and military families members.  

Wilson has successfully managed fundraising events, written grant proposals, created budgets, managed payrolls, and built partnerships which has enabled his center to continue providing positive influences in the community. As candidate for governor, Wilson plans to use his experience in business and technology, as well as leadership to connect with Mississippians of all ages and backgrounds.  Wilson touts his business and technology expertise and ability to connect with everyday people in addressing issues related to economic development, education and poverty. As a young man who struggled through his youth, Wilson understands the challenges of Mississippians and wants to give back by working to improve access to opportunity for all, strengthening the workforce, and rebuilding Mississippi’s infrastructure."

Why are you running for this office?

"For too long we have been divided because of our exceptionalities. Career politicians have passed laws violating women’s constitutional rights to choose what’s best for their families, laws denying services to certain groups have been enacted, law makers have escalated violence in our communities by passing legislation allowing anyone to can carry a firearm without a state-issued permit. All while we rally behind a flag that disenfranchises over half of Mississippians. We are more alike than different.  

None of this promotes our State’s image or bring us together.  Mississippi ranks 49th, almost last, in all quality of living metrics of growth.  Mississippi deserves better.  I’m running to bring real solutions to real problems threatening our State.  I will bring a 21st century economy to Mississippi to keep our most valuable assets Mississippi’s College graduates working in our State.

 I will make education from the cradle to college more accessible and affordable.  All while fighting to overturn divisive legislation and improve the quality of life for all Mississippians not just the privileged few."