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Mississippi Public Broadcasting provides a unique value for organizations looking to gain a broader audience or to promote events or exhibits. The statewide reach of MPB’s radio and television networks offers a one-stop shop for underwriters to get their message to all Mississippians through engagement, branding and visibility.

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Engagement Branding and Visibility of MPB Statewide Reach for Underwriters
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Our statewide audience is the lifeblood of everything MPB does. With the mantra “Mississippi is our mission,” we operate solely to serve the people of Mississippi through information and education above all else.


For more information about underwriting or other corporate sponsorships, contact the representative below:

Bill Ellison


Jason Klein



Underwriting programs for MPB provide a unique value for organizations to gain brand awareness and promote events or exhibits. MPB’s television and radio networks reach over 95% of the state, which offers a one-stop shop to get a message to all Mississippians.


People recognize public media as being trustworthy, and MPB has a very strong reputation for credibility, integrity and impartiality. When an organization underwrites MPB programming, the listener/viewer’s trust of MPB is transferred to that underwriter. This brand alignment is called the “halo effect,” and it is powerful.


Underwriters are highlighted in MPB programming. MPB’s broadcast schedule has fewer breaks compared to commercial stations, where advertisements are stacked to fill up a significant amount of airtime every hour.