State Senator Chris McDaniel Announces Candidacy for US Senate
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Two-term Republican State Senator Chris McDaniel says he is running for the U-S Senate; going against Mississippi's Six-Term Senior Senator, Thad Cochran.
Standing on the steps of the Jones County Courthouse,yesterday, State Senator Chris McDaniel waved to a crowd of supporters as they chanted "Run, Chris. Run."
McDaniel, who has close ties to the South Mississippi Tea Party, and is a founding member of the Mississippi Senate Conservative Coalition, says he's running because Congressional Republicans have not done enough to combat Democrats.
"Now last night, your House and your Senate reached a compromise." said MsDaniel. "It's interesting that every compromise that Conservatives reach the Liberal always win. That's not compromise. That's called surrender.
However, before he can take on Democrats in Congress, McDaniel must first defeat Senator Thad Cochran in a Republican Primary. He says Cochran has not done enough when it comes to the federal government's recent debt crisis.
 "Senator Cochran, I respect him." said McDaniel. "I grew up admiring him. He's all I've ever known; he's been up there since I've been alive. Last night he owed it to us to stand his ground. More importantly he owed it to us to stand his ground for my children. I've got 17 trillion reason not to compromise."
Senator Cochran is currently serving his 6th term in the US Senate, and has has yet to announce if he will run for reelection in 2014.