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Mississippi Grandmother Helps Granddaughter Win White House "State Dinner"
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Bree Donald's Winning Healthy Lunchtime Meal
Bree Donald

Brenda Williams of Jackson, is the Children's Ministry Director at Greater Bethlehem Temple Church and passionate about children's health.

"I'm a fitness instructor and I do things like kiddie bootcamps," said Williams.

According to the University of Mississippi Medical Center, the state has the highest rate of childhood obesity in the nation. The center reports that kids as young as eight are being treated for Type II Diabetes. Laura Hartline is a registered dietician at St. Dominic Hospital and tells diabetics to avoid processed foods.

"Get away from the fat-free fake food. Try to eat more whole foods. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Eat every few hours," said Hartline.

Those are habits Williams encourages her 11-year old granddaughter Bree Donald to practice.

"She's always motivating me to do different things especially with health," said Bree.

When Williams heard about the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge and Kids' State Dinner Contest sponsored by first lady Michelle Obama, she encouraged Bree to enter it. The guidelines required fruit and vegetables make up half of the recipe and include whole grains, lean protein and low-fat dairy. She used ground turkey.

"We put it in the shape of a flower and we put cherry tomatoes on top, and we cut them in half and we put an egg, a boiled egg in the middle of it, said Bree.

Bree added a serving of spinach, fruit, yogurt and wheat bread. The recipe was one of 55 selected out of more than 1,000 submitted. Brenda Williams will join her granddaughter at the White House for the Kids' State Dinner, Friday at 11 am. The event will be streamed live on the White House website.