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Courtesy: MDCPS

The newly formed state Department of Child Protection Services is rolling out a new branding campaign to generate public support.

MPB’s Mark Rigsby reports.


“As your governor, protecting children is my number one priority. Phil and I are committed to guarding children, our most important treasure.”

Governor Phil Bryant, and First Lady Deborah Bryant.

“Let’s protect those who can’t protect themselves.”

And Mississippi football great Deuce McAllister – ask you to support the efforts of Child Protection Services in two public service announcements.

The department is transitioning to a separate, cabinet-level agency, no longer under the Mississippi Department of Human Services.

Governor Bryant tapped former state Supreme Court Justice David Chandler to lead the effort.

“We want the public to know that children, infants especially, deserve and require special care and attention,” says Chandler.

It's all in response to the Olivia Y lawsuit which was filed in 2004. It exposed the decades old, failing foster care system in the state.

A settlement was reached to make changes. Proposed improvements are being made. Chandler is optimistic.

“I do think we can do a much better job of caring for our children. And I’m convinced we’re going to do that. I’m encouraged.”

Chandler will go before a federal judge May 15th to discuss the department's progress.*

*UPDATE: The court hearing has been continued until October.