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The search for a new Chancellor at the University of Mississippi continues.
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Students, faculty, and staff gathered at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. College Board President, Alan Perry asks if a connection to Mississippi should be considered when choosing a candidate. UMMC graduate student, Laura Blackmon says no ties could be a good thing.

"Having experience and training elsewhere would really bring in a national and international level, as far as research and medical training, keeping us at the national standard," Blackmon says. 

Others want the prospective candidates to be proficient in the medical field.
Diane Beebe, Department Chair of Family Medicine at UMMC.

"The healthcare system, as we all know, is evolving rapidly. We want to be able to evolve positively and rapidly in that system. I think that collaboration and understanding is going to be imperative for us moving forward," says Beebe.  

Higher Learning Commissioner, Glenn Boyce says the critical skills of the position are engaging with students, faculty and staff, creating relationships, and communicating.  

"I think you need to attend as many things as you possibly can. It is absolutely a wide open type of search. We're just looking for the absolute best candidate, but I think it takes that kind of passion, and that kind of energy," Boyce says.

Another listening session will be August 27th on the main campus in Oxford. The Board plans on making a decision before the fall semester is over.