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Please use the links on the right to select the form you wish to fill out. All forms are for internal use only. Do NOT share this page with outside entities.

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Communications Request Procedure

The Communications Department has developed several digital project request forms. These forms will help us organize our workflow and fulfill your requests in a timely manner. We have set up a communications request page on our website for employees only. The forms are a way to walk the requester through all the pertinent information needed by the communications team to successfully complete the project. The forms do not mean that a conversation does not need to happen. These forms may often be a conversation starter. Once the forms are received there may be follow-up questions. Forms developed include:

Promotions request

  1. Use when your department is planning an event/project/tour with many working parts (this form will help with the development of comprehensive promotions plans);
  2. Use when requesting TV production or radio spots;
  3. Use when requesting media outreach.


This form will:

  1. Be the first step in scheduling a team meeting with the Communications department to discuss your project in greater detail
  2. Help you think more thoroughly about your project so that the most important details are provided
  3. Be transmitted to the communications director
  4. Require you to fill out supplemental forms if needed (i. e. photography request, social media request, etc.)


  • Photography request – use when you only need photos taken outside of an event (head shots, photo shoot on set or during a recording, etc.). It is general operating procedure for communications to take photos at all major events, so there is no need to request photos for these events (unless there are specific shots you want).
  • Art request – use when you need something designed and printed through the art department. This form takes the place of the former graphic request form. If you have filled out a communications request form and it includes various pieces to be designed, you will need to fill this form out as well. The art department receives this form.
  • Digital Media request – use to request web updates, new pages, social campaigns and other special digital projects. The Digital Media team receives this form.
  • Business Card Request – use to request business cards to be printed*, and choose a quantity. Your email signature will also be created from the information input into this form. The Digital Media team receives this form. *BE SURE YOU ARE ENTERING THE CORRECT SPELLING AND INFORMATION.