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MPB Classroom TV

A growing resource that has a growing number of lessons aligned with Mississippi state standards and taught by our local teachers. This page provides many Classroom TV resources for parents, students, schools, school districts and educators. Information includes World Channel/Classroom Television weekly schedule and supplemental materials.

Move to Learn Initiative

(Content will be broadcast on MPB Classroom TV)

Move to Learn is based on a simple concept:
When kids get to move at school, schools get better.

Not only does student health improve, but academic performance improves, too. In fact, numerous scientific studies have confirmed that the more exercise a student gets, the better his or her grades are likely to be. And that’s not all. In several studies of Mississippi students, more fitness was associated with better behavior and less absenteeism.

Move to Learn is designed to help teachers raise student fitness levels and, in turn, raise student achievement.

MPB Education

MPB Classroom TV

Listen in as we chat with Mississippi Department of Education's LeighAnne Cheesman and Jath DiCecco about all things MPB Classroom TV! More information can be found by visiting

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