Mississippi's Coronavirus hospitalization rates at all time high
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Recent data from the Mississippi Department of Health
MSDH Coronavirus Updates

Mississippi has reached record hospitalization rates for the Coronavirus. Experts are concerned that the state’s healthcare system is becoming overwhelmed.



The Department of Health is reporting record numbers for suspected and confirmed Coronavirus hospitalizations, and the state has also passed 1000 COVID-19 related deaths. Doctor Alan Jones with the University of Mississippi Medical Center says bedspace for coronavirus patients is limited, and if residents don’t consider the virus a serious risk, “You will quickly use up that limited resource and we’ll either have to revert back to some type of draconian measures associated with limitation of movement and medical procedures, or hospitals won’t be able to care for the number of patients that we’ll have.”

Oversaturated hospitals are already turning away patients, according to State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs. “We’re already seeing it now, I got an email from somebody an older person who broke their leg, and they couldn’t get to a hospital anywhere because all the hospitals were full, even for things that are not COVID-19 related," says Dr. Dobbs. "So we have already stressed out our healthcare system, and with more cases coming on board it’s only gonna get worse.”

People need to limit large gatherings, wear masks, and practice social distancing so infection rates can decline, says Doctor Alan Jones. “If we are intent upon going to restaurants at full capacity, and playing youth sports, and going back to school, and having football season, then short of policy that closes everything down again, nothing is going to stop the trajectory that we’re on.”

Governor Tate Reeves has said he does not intend to return to a shelter in place order if case numbers increase.