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Third Coast Radio Ep. 11
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The Artist Spotlight guest this week on Third Coast Radio is a rock band from central Mississippi, The Startup.  They are new to the music scene but have a sound and strategy to bring more investors to their musical business plan.  With driving guitars and catchy lyrics, The Startup is ready to be heard.    Also, Kamikaze aka the King Maker, Kim Shady, and Dolla Black play some of the best independent music Mississippi has to offer and talk about the importance (or lack of) award shows.

Featured Playlist:

Topher - No Choices

Newscast - Winona Come On

Stephanie Luckett - Issues

The Startup - Don't Let Them Hear You Scream

The Startup - Waiting

Coke Bumaye - Purpose

Rev. Bankroll & Bob Street - 19-5

Eric Jamal - Roller Coaster

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