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Maryra Hodges Hunt (D)
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"I am a resident of Holmes County Mississippi. I have a son that is eight and I am an alumni of Jacob J. McClain High School in Holmes County Mississippi. I am an Alumni of the University of Phoenix with an Associate of Science in Health of Medical Billing and Coding. I am pursuing my undergraduate degree with receiving my Bachelors of Science in health administration, to prolong my education in receiving my Master's and Doctorate Degree in Science. I am a member of Sweet Canaan Church Of God and Christ. I am Citizen before I am a politician. I was a victim of domestic violence lost a dear friend and it led me to this path of helping more than just myself. I am not rich but I am humbled with the knowledge of sharing and caring."

Why are you running for Secretary of State?

"I am running for the fact that I do know that my vote counts. Many Mississippians feel that no one cares about how they feel and think when it comes to making decisions that they care about. I want to let many Mississippians know that we are all citizens and our vote, voice, and we do count. We as citizens of this hospitality State can learn from our past and focus on our future, with the knowledge of the present. May God keep us all safe, thank you Mississippi."