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Anne of Green Gables – The Good Stars
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Ella Ballentine as Anne Shirley
Breakthrough Entertainment

Thursday, November 23 at 7 PM on MPB TV

When Anne Shirley turns 13, she faces complex issues with her friends, inspirational adults and Marilla and Matthew. At the same time, she begins a friendship with Gilbert Blythe that emotionally escalates to disrupt the status quo of her peaceful world. Her free-spirited nature is challenged by her perceived need to become sensible, and her journey toward this goal is fraught with confusion and more than a few unfortunate – albeit, amusing - mishaps.

$72 / $6 monthly sustainer –

  • DVD – Anne of Green Gables: A new Anne Shirley for a New Generation

$120 / $10 monthly sustainer – 

  • 3-DVDs: 
    • Anne of Green Gables: A New Anne Shirley for a New Generation
    • Anne of Green Gables: The Good Stars
    • Anne of Green Gables: Fire and Dew​