Car Talk Says Farewell
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After 30 years of Car Talk, it's time to close the hood. In a letter to fans, Ray shares how you can keep listening. Beginning Saturday, September 16, you can catch a repeat of Fix It 101 at 9 AM on MPB Think Radio. 

Hello from Car Talk Plaza,

I want to thank you for writing in and reaffirming your poor taste in radio programs by praising Car Talk.

You can’t possibly have enjoyed Car Talk as much as my brother and I have. Over three decades, it was an unparalleled pleasure to take your calls, make your car problems slightly worse, and accidentally insert strife into your family relationships.

But as Buddha teaches us, change is inevitable. That’s Vinnie Buddha, by the way. He owned the sandwich shop next to our garage, and he’d tell us that whenever he ran out of pastrami.

So now change is coming to your station. It’s time for us to step aside and make room for new programs; one of which could turn out to be your next favorite show. Or it could be a disaster; one may be the next Car Talk.

We will keep distributing weekly episodes of Car Talk via podcast. So if you want to spend an hour with us, at your convenience, it’s easy and free. Just go to or the NPR One app and subscribe. Or if you’re new to podcasting, ask an 11-year-old to show you how to do it.

You can also continue to engage with us on Facebook or on our web site ( We know you still have time to kill during your work day, and we want you to know we’re here for you. It’s been a tremendous honor and privilege to be able to waste an hour with you on this station every week, for all these years.

We thank them and we thank you.


P.S. And whatever you do, don’t drive like my brother!