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MPB News Examines Initiative 42 in Special Series
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About 90 percent of children in Mississippi attend public schools. Are they getting an adequate education? During the week of October 26, MPB News will look at this issue in a special series airing during Morning Edition and Mississippi Edition.

In our series, 42: The Fight Over Funding, we take an in-depth look at public school funding in Mississippi. We’ll show you how the state’s funding formula for public schools works and what both sides of the Initiative 42 debate want to do about it.  We interview legislators, educators, and others to help Mississippians decide before heading to the polls on November 3 whether the state’s constitution should be amended. 

This series breaks down the discussion about Initiative 42 in five parts:

  • Monday – Funding our Schools: In-Depth on MAEP
  • Tuesday – Falling Through the Cracks: The Need Illustrated
  • Wednesday – 42: Why Proponents Say It Could Help
  • Thursday – 42: Opponents Expose Possible Pitfalls
  • Friday – Rallying the Troops: the Campaigns For and Against 42

In addition, MPB News will present a special, long-form web-exclusive version of our reporting including infographics and interactive elements to provide Mississippians with a comprehensive look at all sides of the issue. 

You can hear 42: The Fight over Funding beginning October 26 during Mississippi Edition and Morning Edition. All coverage of Initiative 42 will be available on our website at