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Tuesday, May 23, 2017 Minutes
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Regular Telephonic Meeting of the Board of Directors

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

9:30 a.m.

Board Room

MAET Administration Building

3825 Ridgewood Rd.

Jackson, Mississippi


Directors present:     David Allen, Chair and Pete Smith

Directors present telephonically:  Peggy Holmes, Andrea Mayfield and Bob Sawyer

Staff present:             Ronnie Agnew, Teresa Collier, Scott Colwell, Tara Courtney, John Gibson, Jason Klein, Paul Moore, Claudia Singletary, Maggie Stevenson and Henry Williams

Others present:          Angela Ferraez, MPB Foundation



Chairman Allen opened the meeting, and it was established that there was a quorum present to do business

Chairman Allen led the Pledge of Allegiance.



A motion was made by Director Smith and seconded by Director Sawyer that the Board approve the agenda, and upon a unanimous vote, the motion carried.



A motion was made by Vice Chair Holmes and seconded by Director Smith that the Board approve the minutes of the March 21, 2017 meeting of the Board of Directors, and upon a unanimous vote, the motion carried.



Paul Moore presented the financial reports.

Paul Moore noted that Education Enhancement Funds have caught up somewhat after being behind for months.

Paul Moore stated that the disbursement MPB received from EdNet will be set aside to use in fiscal year 2018. 

Paul Moore announced that MPB received $125,000 from the Foundation for Public Broadcasting as its last transfer.  Paul Moore added that the new Foundation (MPB Foundation) has given MPB $500,000 to date.

Paul Moore noted that staff is doing well with cutting back on expenses.



Paul Moore presented the proposed FY 2018 budget for MPB. 

Paul Moore noted the following:

  • State appropriation will be down by $806,000 from FY 2017
  • Budget reflects lower amount on EEF in case the state tracks low on sales tax
  • Budget shows increase in amount received via grants

A motion was made by Director Sawyer and seconded by Director Mayfield that the Board approve the proposed fiscal year 2018 budget for MPB, and upon a unanimous vote, the motion carried.

A copy of the financial report is included as a part of these Minutes as Exhibit A.



Ronnie Agnew commended the staff for continuing to be efficient within their department budgets.

Ronnie Agnew announced that the cuts to public broadcasting that were in President Trump’s budget did not pass Congress.  Ronnie Agnew added that funding was secured for FY 2018 and FY 2019.

Ronnie Agnew stated that MPB TV department has received 7 regional Emmy nominations for programs and will be going to Atlanta in June for the dinner and ceremony.

Ronnie Agnew reported on the annual PBS meeting which he and several other staff attended in mid-May.  Ronnie Agnew added that the Ken Burns Vietnam series will be significant and the MPB will have local events to coincide with the airing of the series.

Ronnie Agnew noted that since October 2015, over 70 cars have been donated to MPB.  Average amount MPB receives for a car is $500-700. 

Ronnie Agnew announced First Community Development of Atlanta is working with MPB Foundation to locate potential major gifts.  FCD has been hired by the Foundation, and the work will be done in several phases.

Ronnie Agnew mentioned that History Makers was here recently to conduct interviews with famous African-American Mississippians. 



Development Director Angela Ferraez thanked the MPB staff who have worked with her to get the new Foundation up and running.

Angela Ferraez stated that the only goal of MPBF (MPB Foundation) is to raise money for MPB. 

Angela Ferraez announced that MPBF will hold a Punch and Brunch event for donors on Saturday, June 17, at Parlor Market to coincide with MPB Education department’s Summer Learning Day. 



Maggie Stevenson stated that the June 17 Summer Learning Family Fun Day will be “the event of the year” with several PBS characters as part of it as well as significant co-sponsors.

John Gibson expanded on how MPB will add local touch to the Vietnam series by talking with Mississippians who are Vietnam vets.  John Gibson added that there is potential for a full documentary on this subject.

John Gibson noted that the Paul Thorn show has become both a concert and documentary and that it will likely be offered to PBS. 

John Gibson announced that the upcoming season of Fit to Eat includes special celebrity guests and that it will air this summer.

Teresa Collier related that MPB News staff received 5 first place awards at the Mississippi Associated Press awards banquet.

Teresa Collier stated that there are upcoming episodes covering obesity and opioid addiction on Southern Remedy, the TV series.

Jason Klein noted that the president of NPR recognized MPB for success in ratings increase of listeners on national shows Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Tara Courtney reported that MPB staff will be attending a vision planning meeting with NSPARC at Mississippi State University Thursday, June 1. 

Tara Courtney reported that the community engagement team within the Communications department is attending various festivals and other community events with the state to have an MPB presence and make contacts.

Scott Colwell explained the situation involving repack of MPB stations in Meridian, MSU, and Booneville, noting that there will be cost involved in making the moves, but there will be some reimbursement.  Scott Colwell added that a very conservative estimate of total cost is $6 million.  Scott Colwell noted that it is a 3-year process overall nationwide and will be done in 10 phases.




After discussion of the schedule approved by the Board in September 2015 for the fiscal year and business conducted to this point, including the approval of Fiscal Year 2018 budget, a motion was made by Director Smith and seconded by Director Sawyer that the Board approve a summer schedule for meetings (no meeting in June or July), and upon a unanimous vote, the motion carried.



As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned.