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Winter Weather Leads to Ice on MPB Towers
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Be advised that due to the icing and overnight weather conditions, it is possible that we may have some problems with our transmitters.

This means that you may have issues picking up our signal. You can still listen to MPB Radio online through our website or the MPB app. 

Remember, you can always listen to MPB Radio online or on the app.

[UPDATE: 2/25/15 at 9:20 PM] Icing conditions on the WMPN Raymond HDFM antenna has made listening extremely difficult to MPB consumers in the Jackson-metro area. Technicians anticipate signal strength will increase as temperatures in the area rise above 32 degrees F.


Common Questions:

Q: There's no ice on the ground. Why would there be ice on your towers?

A: While the temperatures where we are may not be too cold, extreme wind and moisture in the air make it much colder at the tops of our towers. This means that ice may form even if the weather on the ground is mild.

Q: This isn't affecting any other of my local stations. Why does this happen to MPB?

A: MPB has some of the tallest towers in the state. This is what enables us to be a statewide network. The downside of having such large towers is just how cold it can get at the tops, leading to more icing issues in severe weather.