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Celtic Fest
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Every year for more than a decade, the Celtic Heritage Foundation has sponsored the Celtic Fest at the Ag Museum in Jackson. The entire event spans a few days and goes on rain or shine, with plenty of activities for the whole family inside and out. Feats of strength, Celtic Music, and workshops all greet visitors to the fair.

A group of intergalactic explorers and some characters from different tv shows gather together to mingle and show off their impressive costumes. And quite a few well-known characters show up. We were there when they did.

Fans of older sci-fi movies might recognize the sound coming from the instrument Thomas Grillo plays. It’s a rare skill to find someone who plays the Theremin as well as Grillo, and it was a rare treat to spend some time with him and see what’s going on in his life.

Stephanie Watkins, a zoo keeper at the Jackson Zoo, takes her love of animals a bit further than the average pet owner. Watkins sees herself as the animals’ advocate and primary caretaker. She works tirelessly to make sure animals ranging from a flock of flamingoes to a rhino named Ronnie have everything they need and more. Everyday is a wild adventure for the zoo keepers working behind the scenes.

At the Highlands and Islands event held annually on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Knights in shining armor don’t exist only in fairy tales. A group of men are keeping alive the sport of jousting, and it’s not for the faint of heart. Plus, competitors take turns at games of strength and stamina.