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Dudie Burger Festival
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Blue Suede Cruise


Dudie Burger Festival

The Oren Dunn City Museum in Tupelo is the site of the 7th annual Dudie Burger Festival in this episode of Mississippi Roads. The festival is named for the Dudie Dough Burger. At one time you could get ten for a dollar. They are a mixture of meat, flour, and water served on a toasted bun with mustard and pickles. They were first made by Truman “Dudie” Christian during the World War II era when many items were being rationed. Dudie’s Diner and the burger soon became a local favorite in downtown Tupelo.

Here at the Oren Dunn Museum they are striving to preserve the history of this area of North Mississippi. You can find an 1870’s dog-trot cabin, a church, school and a Frisco Caboose. Plus, the original Dudie’s Diner has been brought here to the museum for permanent display.

In 1947, Dudie Christian bought a decommissioned Memphis streetcar and brought it home to Tupelo and turned the barely six-foot-wide streetcar into Dudie’s Diner. The diner served the people of Tupelo from 1947 to 1986 until it finally succumbed to the competition of fast food chains.

The Dudie Burger festival takes place on Saturday of the first weekend in May every year in Tupelo. You will find live entertainment, a rock wall, face painting arts and crafts and of course the famous Dudie Dough Burger.

Blue Suede Cruise

Tupelo’s Blue Suede Cruise brings in antique car buffs from around the country. In 2003, the folks of Tupelo decided to host an event that combined their love of fine automobiles with the unique sound of Rock and Roll. Thus, the Tupelo Blue Suede Cruise was born. BSC has invited car enthusiasts from across the country to visit during the first weekend in May to showcase a variety of antique, classic, and hot rod automobiles. Owners are asked to cruise to five different and unique locations that show off the diversity and history that is Tupelo, Mississippi. In addition the Blue Suede Cruise offers live entertainment, competitions, terrific Southern hospitality and one heck of a swap meet.

The Old Country Store

The Old Country Store in Lorman, Miss. has served a variety of purposes in its 130 year existence. The old store has been everything from a general store to a bus station. Arthur Davis, the self proclaimed “Fried Chicken Cooking King” procured the old store 12 years ago, and has been cooking up a bit of magic ever since. Mr. Davis and his fried chicken have been featured on the Food Network, Southern Living Magazine, and in countless local and national newspapers. Mr. Davis’s brand of southern cooking combined with his love of song is sure to provide any customer with a down home dining experience.

The Forest Retreat

The Forest Retreat in Amite County is the perfect place to get away and rejuvenate the body and mind. With a crystal clear stream and stunning views of the natural environment, the Forest Retreat is ideal for getting back in touch with nature. There are no phones, no televisions and no distractions. The cabins on the property are built into the side of a large embankment giving the feeling that you are amongst the trees. Each cabin is uniquely designed to blend in with the natural environment with little luxuries like an outdoor tub and Adirondack-style furnishings.