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Sam B Olden Museum
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In this edition of Mississippi Roads, we'll take a look around the Delta from top to bottom. Our show starts off in the Yazoo Historical Society's Sam B. Olden Historical Museum - a museum meticulously curated and dedicated to the area's history. We take a look at everything from Yazoo's ancient historiy with a great collection of fossils and dioramas to it's modern influences that are felt across the world.

Then, we take a look at the Delta as it is today - from top to bottom. In an area known nationally for its contribution to everything from agriculture to music, the Delta has seen its share of struggles and victories. The land is rich and fertile, and holds amazing scenes of beauty in every nook and cranny. From swams to farms, small towns to tiny villages, the Delta is as important today as it has ever been.

We soar over Mississippi farmland with a birds-eye view as a crop duster provides a valuable service to farmers. We learn just how one cropduster in particular got involved in his field, and why he's proud to continue a traidition passed down from his father.

Before the neon lights of the casinos put Tunica on the map, another famous landmark drew people from near and far. The Hollywood Cafe has been a fixture in Tunica since 1969. John Grisham was a regular long before he became a famous author, and he mentioned The Hollywood Cafe several times in his best-seller “A Time to Kill.” Marc Cohn immortalized The Hollywood Cafe in his award winning song “Walking in Memphis.” While Tunica now has an array of fine dining choices, The Hollywood Cafe has remained on the “must do” list of visitors from around the world.

And finally, Sweet Tea, Watermelon, Sweet Potato and Marshmallow, and Banana Pudding are not your typical store-bought ice cream flavors. But right alongside chocolate and vanilla, these Southern flavors are part of the standard line-up at the Sweet Magnolia Ice Cream Company in Clarksdale. Owner and chief flavor creator Hugh Balthrop uses Southern foods and local ingredients to drive the flavor menu when creating his popular sorbets and gelatos.